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Smackers Vendor Shop

Best pharma vendor shop USA-USA Only
Xanax,Adderal,Oxycodone and many more available..

Fast express shipping and affordable prices

How to access Store? 

To access our store anonymously you need to install TOR Browser after installing TOR Browser depending on your OS grab mirror from this list and paste it in browser! That's it you can shop now!

Smackers Vendor Shop Details

NameSmackers Vendor Shop
Smackers Vendor Shop Linkju27hqyz5bqfkgsikmlnxfw5oavzrsfejvdcdodurxwf3d7e3bosfoyd.onion
Opened onJune 15, 2015
Supported FeaturesPGP
Sales CategoriesBenzodiazepines, Dissociatives, Stimulants
Payment Methodsbitcoin(BTC)