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OMG!OMG! - Russias' most active dark web market

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OMG!OMG! is a drug-focused darknet market that specifically serves customers in Russian-speaking countries. Following the shutdown of Hydra in April 2022, OMG!OMG! emerged as a potential replacement and quickly gained popularity as the leading darknet market in Russia. However, its dominance has since declined, and it currently struggles to maintain its position as the fourth largest darknet market.

Rules and Serious Approach

OMG!OMG! dark web market takes itself extremely seriously, as evidenced by its unusually detailed list of rules that buyers and sellers must adhere to. This commitment to maintaining order and security sets the market apart.

Coverage and Additional Countries

Apart from major population centers in Russia, OMGOMG darkmarket also caters to customers in neighboring countries including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. This broader coverage expands its reach and customer base.

Dead Drop System and Purchase Options

OMGOMG darknet market operates on the dead drop system, commonly used by Russian darknet markets. Customers can choose between "instant" purchases, where items are pre-hidden, or "pre-order" options that allow them to have some say in how the orders are hidden. Some vendors even offer support purchases through mail, offering convenience to customers.

Dual Language Support

OMG!OMG! is available in both Russian and English, making it accessible to a wider range of users. This bilingual approach ensures that language is not a barrier for potential customers.

Product Categories and Job Opportunities

OMG!OMG! market primarily specializes in drug sales, with listings divided into categories such as Cannabinoids, Stimulants, Euphoretics (MDMA), Psychedelics, Dissociatives, Opioids, Pharmaceuticals, Other, and Jobs. The "Other" category houses various items, including hacking utilities, banking information, SIM cards, digital documents, and packaging for drug couriers (kladsmen). Additionally, the market provides opportunities in job-related subcategories such as Pawnbroker, Stocker, Courier, Manager, Chemist, Grower, and Other.

Exclusive Bitcoin Payment Method

Bitcoin is the only accepted method of payment on OMG!OMG!. Buyers are required to pre-fund their accounts with BTC, held in a centrally-controlled wallet, before making any purchases. When an item is bought, the corresponding amount of BTC is withdrawn and held in a central escrow. Upon the buyer's confirmation or feedback regarding the delivery, funds are released to the vendor. If the buyer does not finalize the order within 1-5 days, the funds are automatically released to the vendor.


  • Well-established market with a long-term commitment
  • Wide coverage across the Russian Federation and neighboring countries
  • Flexible options for different drop types, pre-orders, and mail deliveries
  • Serious adherence to rules and regulations


  • Limited payment options, supporting only Bitcoin
  • Restricted access for users outside of specific countries
  • No exchange feature for easy conversion of fiat currency to BTC
  • Limited subcategories, particularly in smaller population centers

Conclusion on OMGOMG market

OMG!OMG! has been a top competitor for Russian-speaking DNM buyers and sellers since the demise of Hydra. It has established itself in the landscape and received acclaim from the Russian DNM community. However, given the intense competition and the constant scrutiny from law enforcement, the market's future remains uncertain. It is advisable for potential customers to exercise caution and avoid keeping substantial amounts of funds in their OMG!OMG! account wallet.

Omg!Omg! Market (Ru) Details

NameOmg!Omg! Market (Ru)
Omg!Omg! Market (Ru) Linkomgomgomg5j4yrr4mjdv3h5c5xfvxtqqs2in7smi65mjps7wvkmqmtqd.onion
Supported FeaturesEscrow, Jobs for Crypto
Sales CategoriesBenzodiazepines, Cannabinoids, Dissociatives, Psychedelics, Stimulants, Counterfeit Items, Guides & Tutorials, Carded Items, Software & Malware, Cannabis
Payment Methodsbitcoin(BTC)