Dread - The king of darknet forums

Dread is a platform and forum that is centered around free speech and is based on onion architecture. It offers users the ability to post, comment, and share content across a multitude of diverse communities. The platform was designed with a focus on both privacy and usability, opting to utilize a common user interface similar to that of Reddit, while avoiding the security concerns associated with the use of JavaScript.

The platform was created by /u/HugBunter in early 2018 and was launched on February 15th. After a month of downtime beginning on April 23rd, the platform was redeveloped to enhance its stability, with the backbone and user interface being completely reimagined to allow for greater flexibility, based on the lessons learned from the initial iteration.

Initially, the platform was intended to be centered solely around the creator's interest in DarkNetMarkets and the security measures surrounding them. However, it has since expanded to encompass a wide range of communities, providing a secure space for users to interact without fear of censorship, beyond the specific rules in place. The platform serves as a hub for harm reduction in various aspects of Deep web purchases, including, but not limited to, security reports and safe drug use information.


In general, Dread serves as the primary source for news and information pertaining to the latest developments in darknet markets and other aspects of the dark web. Accessible solely through Tor and i2p, it remains unaffected by the limitations on discourse imposed by conventional social media forums. To secure their own subdread, markets must undergo a rigorous vetting process, which effectively prevents the proliferation of scams and undesirable elements on their pages. While still not without flaws, Dread depends on the judicious guidance of its administrators and moderators. It is, however, difficult to identify a more suitable platform for the discussion of all matters related to darknet markets.

Dread Details

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Opened onJune 22, 2018